New blog spot for F Squared Fitness! Yippee!

So, instead of a website, I chose a blog. Not that I have a clue how to run a blog, but I can give it a shot! So this blogspot will be the new home of F Squared Fitness. Why the heck the name F Squared? Because I believe Fitness and Function are so important in living a rewarding life (hence f to the power of 2). Now, I am obviously not talking about fitness to the extreme, (have you seen me lately?) but a healthy functional life. Being able to do everyday things in your life without getting injured and frankly, out of breath! You all know what I mean. Aren't there just some days where walking up stairs, or lifting kids makes you out of breath! So, here on this site, we will focus on tidbits of fitness related information that I think is important, and also will keep you informed of my different classes I will be offering. And I promise there will be more as I get more time! (More time? What is that!)

Right now, I am in the beginning of an entry level fitness class. Which I have to say is going well! (Good job ladies!) And soon I may be adding a "get ready for golf season" class and of course in the spring, Bootcamp! Yae! And hopefully more fun stuff!

Feel Free to email me at anytime if you have any questions, comments, or complaints!