Wasteful Wednesday - 3/10

I know I am late with my posting.. but I remembered!  I am so glad I decided to start Wasteful Wednesday.  I have been so much better at paying attention to what I have in my refrigerator and using all I can.  For example, the other day I had some grapes that were going bad and before, I would have easily thrown them in the trash.  Instead, I made a grape/banana smoothie and it was great!  Couldn't even tell they were getting wrinkly!  Also, I currently have some very brown bananas...  I am going to make banana bread tomorrow! Yum.  So today's waste includes a very small amount of Cesar Salad dressing, a small amount of stuffing mix, a moldy half of a tomato ( I actually used the other half that wasn't moldy!!  If you know me at all, you would know that before I would have never used it!  Mold grosses me out.  My grandfather would be so proud!!)  And the worst of it all is a bag of whole wheat rolls that I made..  I just can't get it through my head that I cannot make bread!  For whatever reason, every time I try to make rolls, or bread, it turns out bad!  These rolls tasted like dense flower.. Anyway, I knew they were bad when Brian and my exchange student, Kyle (who eats EVERYTHING), didn't even have more than the ones when we tried them...  So, they are going.  But, that is it.  Much better than the first time for sure!! 
How about you?  Have you been keeping an eye on your food waste?  Have you been making a point of eating your left-over's and keeping track about what you have in your produce drawer?  Oooohh.. that reminds me, I have some green pepper that NEEDS to be used tomorrow.. 
Feel free to email me at fsquaredfitness@gmail.com and tell me about your improvements in food waste!